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400 Sun-beds per km of coastline

Written by on May 7, 2018

The costa Blanca region prepares its beaches for the summer season with benefits such as the rental of chairs and umbrellas, water platforms or kiosks

The first aid services that started at Easter will be reinforced in summer with more troops.Summer arrives and, with it, the tourist season in which the beaches of Marina Baixa are filled with visitors who want to enjoy a day on the sand.

The region has more than 20 kilometers of coastline for bathers in which the services to make your day more comfortable or fill it with entertainment are not lacking. Among them, the well-known blue sun-beds that fill the beaches of the five municipalities that have coastline and that for this year add up to more than 400 per kilometer of sand.

That is, 8,200 in total in the sandy areas of Benidorm, La Vila, l’Alfàs del Pi, Altea and Finestrat. But these sun-beds are not alone. Umbrellas with which to shelter from the sun and that make the intense hours of the day more bearable for those who can not stand under the strong rays of summer almost reach 3,000 units.

A blue stamp that does not go unnoticed from the air.But also, the municipalities of the region with beach have already prepared the services for the summer.

Among them, the lifeguard that for the high season reinforces the number of troops and in many places are multiplied by two. In addition, health care services and police reinforcements complete the security pack.

For entertainment, water platforms with slides, kiosks, skates, jet skis, kayak or paddle surf boards complete the leisure package.

But in addition, some arenales add this year a novelty: the box office in the sand for users.

Benidorm, 6,000 Sun-beds

The two beaches and three coves with which Benidorm has will be the most filled this summer. Only they monopolize the majority of sun-beds and umbrellas that will be installed in the sand: 6,400 and 1,850, respectively. But also, in its more than five kilometers of coastline, you can find two floating platforms, a cable ski area, playgrounds, skates, kayak and also accessible beach spots or libraries.With regard to first aid, 36 personnel will ensure the safety of bathers, both in chairs and on foot; also in five health care posts. In addition, to the ordinary service of Local Police of beaches, they are going to add of four to five extraordinary services to act against the traveling sale and the trile.

La Vila, almost 7 kilometers of sand

In the capital of the Marina Baixa, the more than ten beaches and coves with which it counts are getting ready for this summer. The City Council has launched the tender for six kiosks and three blocks of public ticket offices that will join the services of 460 sun-beds and 229 parasols; an aquatic platform; aquatic bikes; kayak; or paddle surfing are shared between the beach Center, the Paradís or the Torres, among others. There will also be a point of accessible beaches as well as lifeguard service in all of them.

L’Alfàs, 550 meters safe

The beach of l’Albir, in l’Alfàs del Pi, has a length of 550 meters. In it, three lifeguards will ensure safety in the high season. But in addition, bathers will enjoy a biblioplaya service from June 15 to August 31 with wifi and computers; also a kayak rental point, scooters and paddle surf. For those who do not want to touch the water and stay in the sand, the beach has 600 sun-beds and 200 parasols. In addition, there are ten mooring buoys for anchoring boats, both in the area of ​​l’Albir and in the Cala de la Mina.

Altea, preparing the kiosks

Altea is also almost ready for the summer season. As is the case with La Vila, the municipality is launching a new tender for the kiosks on several of its beaches where bathers can find, according to the calculation made on the square meters granted by Costas, about 500 sun-beds and 250 sunshades available in the eight kilometers of sand that it has. In addition, the beach of Cap Blanch and l’Espigó will have aquatic platforms and, the latter, next to La Roda with accessible beaches.

Finestrat, small space

La Cala de Finestrat is one of the least length, 300 meters, but it will be able to find all services. In its sand, 250 sun-beds and 125 parasols for the sun, according to the calculation on the meters authorized by Costas; accessible beach; two playgrounds in the sand; bio-healthy park; and free children’s activities three days in the morning; also skates and water bikes. The lifeguard service will go from two to four troops when the summer season starts in June.

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