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118 kilometers of beaches in Alicante Closed

Written by on May 21, 2018

The caravel forces a child to hospitalize and close up to 118 kilometers of

beaches in Alicante

The youngest of 11 years was transferred to the Hospital of Elche after receiving a sting while bathing in the Navy under a green flag. From El Campello to Pilar de la Horadada the bath is forbidden and only Alicante allows it in El Postiguet and a section of San Juan.

In the 118 kilometers of coastline between El Campello and Pilar de La Horadada, only the City Council of Alicante chose to show the green flag in El Postiguet and in two points of San Juan beach, when in the other three control zones of the largest beach in the capital did wear the red banner of prohibition throughout the Sunday.

In the Vega Baja, from Guardamar to the south of the province, the masts also indicated all day the red color of prohibition or purple of the presence of jellyfish.

Sting in the Navy

The only beaches in Elche that remained open to the bathroom yesterday for a few hours were those of La Marina. However, halfway through the afternoon, a Portuguese caravel specimen stung an eleven-year-old boy who was playing on the shore. The minor had to be attended immediately and the flag became red, as in the rest of the Elche beaches.

At the time of the bite, the boy’s mother alerted the team of lifeguards, who with gloves, tweezers and a lot of touch detached the tentacles of the animal from the child’s arm. When the child began to feel symptoms such as stomach pain and discomfort in the neck, he was transferred to the General Hospital of Elche to be treated, since the medical office of the Navy does not provide health care even on weekends, according to Ambumar. adjudicataria of lifeguard and rescue service on the beaches of Elche.

A few hours later it was confirmed that the child’s injury was mild and that it would not be long before the patient was discharged. As the lifeguard service is only provided on weekends in Elche, the Visit Elche technician and the Local Police will follow up daily in case new copies are found or there is an incident. The forecast is to follow the red flag all week.

Meanwhile, the banned bathroom banner was hoisted yesterday on the beaches of La Marina, Rebollo and El Pinet. They also showed the distinctive red sandy beaches of El Altet and Carabassí , where no live specimens were sighted but on Saturday a dead Portuguese caravel appeared on the shore of Carabassí beach.

In Santa Pola the red flags were raised along the different beaches and coves. Although they did not reach the shore, the rescue team sighted a specimen in the Cape area yesterday.

Caravels in the Vega Baja

The beaches of the Vega Baja have also been closed to the bathroom this weekend. In the presence on Saturday of a couple of copies of the carapace jellyfish in the southern stretch of the beach of La Mata , on Sunday several more copies of this dangerous species were added in Orihuela Costa and in Pilar de la Horadada.

In Orihuela Costa the bath was forbidden on the beach of La Caleta, after two Portuguese caravels were spotted off the coast. The mayor of beaches, Luisa Boné, announced that the lifeguard service raised the red flag in that sand and jellyfish on the other beaches “for extreme caution.” The Department of Beaches published a notice on social networks alerting those who planned to go to the beach to be careful and not touch them if they see them, because “their sting can be dangerous.”

In Pilar de la Horadada the red flag waved all day on all the beaches of the municipality for the appearance of the well-known also as “false jellyfish.” The Department of Environment of the municipality decided to prohibit the bathing along its coastline. Once the bath is suitable, they will reopen their sands.

Guardamar del Segura was the first municipality to alert bathers to take precautions for the presence of this marine species. The mayor José Luis Sáez said yesterday that the fishermen “tell us that they have sighted several specimens. It is very difficult to close 11 kilometers of linear coastline as we have, although we were among the first to initiate warnings and ask people to go to the beach to take extreme precautions and avoid bathing. ”

In Torrevieja has continued today the prohibition of the bath in a section of the beach of La Mata and the rest waves the yellow flag, as a precaution.

After a very hectic weekend due to the presence of the Portuguese caravels , as of Monday, controls will continue to be carried out all along the coast. From the Institute of Coastal Ecology it is requested that the municipalities are aware of the possible changes of movements of the marine currents that cross the Mediterranean.

Article: Diario Information News

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