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Benidorm Patron Saint, Tourist Interest

Written by on June 14, 2018

Benidorm wants its Patron Saint Festivities to be of regional tourist interest

The City Council proposes to promote the declaration of the great days of the city to which the collectives that have taken part in the festivities have joined.

Benidorm wants its Major Employer Festivities, which are celebrated on the second weekend of November in honor of the Virgin of Suffrage, to be declared of Tourist Interest of the Valencian Community .

To do this, the mayor of Benidorm, Toni Pérez, and the councilman of Fiestas, Jesus Carrobles, will raise to the next full plenary session a proposal to promote this declaration before the Consell.

The motion will be decided next week in the Inquiry Committee of the Internal Regime and today has been communicated to groups and associations linked to the organization of the Major Employer Festivals: Commission of Festes Majors Patronals, Association of Penyes Verge del Sofratge, Camareres de la Mare de Déu, La Barqueta Cultural and Recreational Association, Mariners de la Mare de Déu and Costalers de Sant Jaume.

These entities have already expressed their “manifest interest” to achieve this recognition, according to the mayor, and have adhered to it.

According to the proposal, since its inception this party “has not stopped exponentially increasing the acts that comprise it, citizen participation – both residents and visitors – and the tourist impact of its celebration.” Thus, and as reflected by the figures of the employer Hosbec, the hotel occupancy is “at 83.7% during the first half of November “, which shows that the Major Employer Holidays get “Benidorm remains one of the focuses of the Valencian littoral par excellence “during that month, and contributing” to the deseasonalization “.

The mayor has indicated that promoting this recognition is “an important step” to give “a boost” to these celebrations and highlight “what they are, what they suppose and what they should continue to be.”

The proposal includes the main cultural, religious and recreational events of the Major Festivities as the representation of the finding of the Virgin of Suffrage -declared Fiesta of Tourist Interest of the Valencian Community in 2015 -, the offering of flowers, masses, processions, the entrance of rocks, the parade of humor, the mascletàs, the parade of floats and the castle of fires that closes the five days of celebrations.

The mayor has alluded to the “absolute and full conviction that our Major Employer Festivities meet each and every one of the requirements ” established in Decree 119/2006 of the Consell regulator of the declarations of Festivals, Itineraries, Publications and Audiovisual Works of Interest Tourist of the Valencian Community, since “they suppose a manifestation and development of the own values and of popular tradition and they have become a tourist reclamation”.

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