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Stabbing on A-7 Alicante

Written by on June 14, 2018

A man from La Vila dies stabbed after a pique for an overtaking on the A-7

A 31-year-old boy dies 5 days after receiving a knife in the heart – After an argument with a criminal, he fatally wounded him at a gas station in Benifaió. He just had time to tell his girlfriend: “Carl, they’ve punctured me,” and he collapsedAn overtaking on the highway , a chop between drivers, a discussion and death by stabbing . It is the sequence that ended with the violent death of a young man from Vila Joiosa , Daniel FC, 31 years old, after a criminal of Bétera, 56 years old, hit him with a knife that damaged his heart and he caused his death five days after the attack.

The events began to take shape at 9.30 on Monday of last week. Daniel was traveling with his girlfriend to Alicante on the A7 . At the height of the prison of Picassent, there was an overtaking and, from there, the alleged assailant began to bite with the couple’s car. After several accelerations and swerves , he lowered the window and shouted at Daniel from the window: “Stop at the gas station, stop at the gas station!”. And Daniel did it.

Both vehicles entered the service station located at kilometer 361 of the A7, at the entrance to Benifaió. Daniel got out of the car and waited for the other, who arrived with the knife in his hand, as the cameras pick up, although the young man did not even see the gun.

The video recording clearly shows how the alleged aggressor, who had stood a few inches away from the young man while they were arguing, launches a first knife, which does not reach the victim, and a second, accurate, entering through the left side and it would end up hurting the heart. It was 9.38 in the morning.

The delinquent turns and runs away in his vehicle, while the boy, still oblivious to the wound, tries to get into his car to continue the journey. At that moment, he sees how he notices the blood stain on his shirt , raises his head and says to his girlfriend: “Carl, they have punctured me”. Daniel went to the gas station to ask for help, but did not arrive. He collapsed, unconscious, just before the entrance door of the enclosure where the employee of the service station was. The clock read 9:40.

The girlfriend of Daniel asked for help and the employee of the gas station called 112. In a few minutes the first patrol of the Local Police arrived, that when seeing the hemorrhage that the young man suffered, he chose to take him in the police car to the health center of Benifaió , from where an ambulance of the SAMU evacuated it of urgency to the Hospital La Fe, in València. Hours later, doctors ruled Daniel’s brain death , which would eventually die on Saturday, five days after being stabbed.

Arrested in just an hour and a half

While Daniel received the first medical help, the Civil Guard assumed the search for the aggressor .

A patrol of the Civil Guard of Traffic of Alzira found out that the delinquent had fled towards the south, while agents of the area of investigation of Almussafes obtained the matrícula of the suspect thanks to the cameras of monitoring that the employee of the petrol station showed them them.

It was added, with the help of the rest of the patrols alerted by the Communications Operations Center (COC) of the Civil Guard, which could only have been directed towards Carlet or Algemesí, since the Traffic agents stationed on the Mediterranean highway a few kilometers later they were certain that the suspect vehicle, a Mercedes Class A property of another criminal still in prison and neighbor of Sagunt, had not come to pass through that point.

Agents of Traffic of Alzira and of investigation of Almussafes were divided and in hardly hour and average, around twelve of the noon, they located the vehicle in Algemesí. Moments later, they arrested the alleged aggressor, who has numerous police and criminal records , and intervened the knife, less than 10 centimeters blade.

The detainee was taken to the Almussafes barracks and the Carlet Judicial Police team took over the processing of the proceedings.

A day later, on Tuesday, the judge of Instruction number 3 of Carlet, acting guard, decreed the prisoner’s entry , for an alleged offense of attempted murder, imputation that now, with the death of Daniel, it has changed for that of consummated homicide .

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