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Interview: Lorenzo Martinez, Councillor of Security for Benidorm

Written by on June 20, 2018

It was a great pleasure to have in the studio today, Tuesday June 16th 2018, Lorenzo Martinez, Councillor of Security for Benidorm.

Take a listen:


We and of course you the listener wanted to hear the latest developments of how the Town Hall have improved and intend to continue to improve Benidorm for the enjoyment of everyone.

The recorded copy of the interview is below in both English and Spanish but basically these are the questions and answers…..

Firstly we asked,

What are the blue banners around town “ Enjoy and Respect”

L.M. “The Town Hall noticed and received complaints that a small minority of holidaymakers are, yes enjoying themselves,  but are not respecting others, therefore the banners have been introduced as a “soft” approach to try to encourage better behaviour, if not, stronger measures will be enforced.

The new S.A.T.E office has opened in the Rincon area  in front of Morgan’s Tavern ?

L.M. We, as a party, promised this plan would be completed when elected and indeed we are pleased to say not only has the SATE office has opened but also an improved tourist information point. The S.A.T.E. office is manned daily by a member of the police and can help with any unfortunate incidents which may happen while in the area including reporting crime or even lost passports and more in English.

Will there be more improvements on local road safety?

L.M. Yes there has recently been a budget been approved to improve both the Europa Avenue and Mediterraneo Avenue areas which will include speed controls, new bus stops including new digital displays informing you of the time schedules etc and other improvements.

Will the beach safety be improved with more police ?

L.M.  Yes, 130,000e has been allocated to increase police over the summer period with a particular crack down on illegal beach sellers with “cocktails” etc. and possible thefts. We feel they are a public health risk made in unhygienic environments causing illnesses therefore higher fines will be payable, with three recent jail sentences and more to follow.

Recently we have read and seen more about drug control raids and  prostitution control ?

L.M. Again with more police, last week over 40 extra police and fantastic new police dogs, we are enforcing drug control across the main tourist area and have the power to enter any establishment we feel necessary. We have and will continue to crack down on illegal prostitution.

There are many rumours of mobility scooter usage changes ?

L.M. Yes there will be some changes, from next Monday there will be a motion passed at the Town Hall, we cannot allow people who are not in genuine need of a scooter to roam freely causing problems for other people, higher fines will be imposed especially in cases of drunken usage.

Any more good news on the crack down on the street peamen / potato men scam ?

L.M. Yes we are looking at how to change the law to crack down on this activity but simply please avoid them, you will not win and could be a victim of other crime while crowded !

Finally we asked anything Lorenzo would like to tell our listener ?

L.M. I and the town hall of Benidorm wish to thank Cool FM for the invitation to inform your listener of the changes and progress of ongoing improvements to the area. We / I  will always be happy to come to the studio and update you of any changes and appreciate the support of Cool FM to do so, thank you.


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