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Review: Benidorm Palace 2018 Show, Alegrias

Written by on July 31, 2018

The Benidorm Palace is not only an impressive building on the outside, on the inside you are instantly immersed in a glamours five star entertainment venue which provides you with the perfect excuse to get dressed up for a fabulous night out.


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As you make your way down the glittering stairway into the fine dining venue, the true enormity of the space is laid out before you. As your gaze is focused on the central main stage a well orchestrated dance by the waiting staff ushers you up to your private table.

Catering for around 1600 guests for every show, the Palace provides a variety of ticketing options from a show only ticket to the full dining experience. Depending on your budget, we’d recommend enjoying the top tier Gran Palace Plus menu which comes complete with a ticket to the show, four course fine dining meal, wine for 2, and a bottle of Cava.

During the dining portion of the evening, each course of the meal is presented to you by your personal server who takes time to walk you through each delicious dish, while a chilled performance by the house band plays away on the stage. The apron of the stage is also smoothly lowered to ground level to provide a spacious dance floor before returning to its performance height after desserts, ready for the main show to begin.

For anyone who has experienced the thrills and theatrics of a Broadway, Las Vegas or West-End Show will not be disappointed in the palaces latest extravaganza, Alegrias. The show boasts an impressive use of modern technology through clever use of lighting, staging and special effects to really create something unique in the heart of Benidorm.

From the very opening note, the show sets the tone for an exciting journey through music, performance and dance including stunning renditions from musical successes like The Greatest Showman and Grease, to exploring the more tradition arts of Flamenco and Bollywood, to the breathtaking illusions of Magic Circle member & Merlin award winning David Climent.

The show is supported by a cast of world-class performers with whom provide a well balances side attraction to the central story line. We witness feats of physical strength from Golden Design, gaze in awe at the incredible skill of juggler Paul Ponce, marvel at the uniqueness of Kimberly Lester’s act, gasp in amazement at the precision of the Saly Brothers and laugh out loud with the Palace Waiters.

There really is something for everyone to enjoy in this show.

Benidorm Palace, Alegrias

Show is broken into two acts with a 30min interview in between,

Find them on Facebook – For tickets & Information Visit their Website

Tickets available from the Benidorm Palace box office or online via website.

Would advise booking early to avoid disappointment.

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  1. Linda Keogan   On   October 19, 2018 at 10:53 am

    So very very disappointed with the new show Alegrias on 12/10/18. The Spanish dancing Fab as always, but the Indian dancing, not authentic enough to be amazing, good old fashioned show girls would have been more entertaining. And grease, so old hat. Yes, the juggler and the magician were very good. But the girl on the rope was not enspiring at all ,and the cycle act was nothing we hadn’t seen at our local countryside show in the uk. The naked waiter dance has really past its best. The final insult was filling in with that stupid film director piece using members of the audience. We did not pay all that money to watch people make fools of themselves, we can get that on the television for free. We really would have asked for a refund had it been an option. Something is going to have to change before we visit again, which is a great pity. It is something we always looked forward to. The Ruby show was just so fabulous, as all other ones we’ve seen, it’s a pity you seem to be cutting corners to the detriment of the shows quality .

    • Cool FM 97.4   On   October 19, 2018 at 11:01 am

      Hi Linda,

      We shall pass your comments onto the Benidorm Palace.

      We are sorry that you did not enjoy the new show this year. Cool FM has been contacted by soo many people to express their praise for Alagrias thats it’s a shame to hear that you didn’t feel it was up to the standards you were expecting.

      We hope that this doesn’t put you off experiencing other events at the Palace and future new shows.

      Cool FM Team

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