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5,000 Signature Petition for CV-70 Limit Return

Written by on October 11, 2018

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Article Written & Published By: Diario Informacion
Translated from Spanish to English

Avalanche of signatures against the reduction of the maximum speed between La Nucía and Benidorm

An online petition for the Council to back down achieves more than 5,000 supports in just two days

The reduction in speed that the Council has applied in the section of the CV-70 between La Nucía and Benidorm has unleashed the anger of the residents of the area.

An indignation that has been transformed into signatures. Thus, a request from an individual on for the Council to back down has achieved, in just two days, more than 5,000 supports … And adding.

As will be recalled, since last weekend, drivers must travel on this stretch, which brings together about 7 kilometers to a maximum of 50 km / h compared to the limit of 70 km / h imposed so far and still present on the rest of the road.

It should be noted that the CV-70 connects the interior of the province with the coast through 45 kilometers that go from Alcoy to Benidorm.

A connecting road that on its arrival in La Nucía unfolds in two lanes in each direction until it ends in the tourist capital of the Costa Blanca .

Precisely, this change of physiognomy on the road, executed three decades ago, led to an increase in commercial activity in the area as well as population.

An evolution that, in the end, has led to the Ministry of Housing, Public Works and Vertebration of the Territory, led by the socialist María José Salvador, to apply a decrease in the maximum speed of this road for safety to consider that It is in an “urban context”, as this newspaper published a couple of days ago.

In fact, from the regional department noted that there has been an increase in shocks by scope which, in part, has motivated the measure.

However, the petition on, which has already obtained more than 5,000 supports, defends just the opposite.

“The duplication of the CV-70 between the municipalities of Benidorm and La Nucía more than a decade ago, greatly improved the movement between the interior of the region and the coastal area,” says the application posted on the network.

An improvement that, according to the text, caused an “increase in population and commercial activity in the area.”

“This progress in the road connection has allowed for years that Polop inhabitants can work in Benidorm or that Benidormns can study in Callosa without these trips being too long”, is detailed in the letter.

A series of advantages that now the creator of this petition, as well as the more than 5,000 people who have already supported him, are threatened by the speed reduction applied by the Council that in’s request is labeled as “incomprehensible” .

“This limitation is an involution and negatively affects intra-county communications, with harmful effects on the competitiveness of the companies present, the safety of drivers (more time on the road) and on the quality of life”, is considered in the manifesto.

For this reason, the Consell is asked to regain and increase, again, the maximum speed to 70 km / h, as was established until a few days ago.


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