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Spain to change unequal paternity leave from 2019

Written by on October 11, 2018

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Article Written & Published By: El Mundo 
Translated from Spanish to English

Fathers and mothers will not be able to take the whole leave at the same time to end the “traditional model”

The Government proposes permits for the man to take 9 weeks in 2019; then 13 in 2020, and 16 by 2021.

Congress unanimously promotes equal and non-transferable paternity leave

Unequal paternity leave: “man is discriminated against but the perverse effect is suffered by the woman”

The government proposes a paternity leave of nine weeks in 2019, 13 in 2020 and 16 in 2021.

Part of that leave will be shared with the mother’s and the rest must be used by the father when the woman finishes his or if the interrupts: non-transferable permit.

Thus, the formula forces the father to take care of his son alone during a part of his permission to “end the social and cultural factors that perpetuate a traditional and unbalanced model of assumption of roles and responsibilities between men and women.”

According to the documentation to which EL MUNDO has agreed , the proposal affects, for the time being, public officials and employees.

However, it could be extended to the private sector, since it maintains that the ” General State Administration should serve as an example” when implementing the progressive equalization of permits .

The Government’s plan is developed in two folios that were delivered last Monday to the unions by the Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Function .

Two other pages of the Meritxell Batet department design a “bag of hours of free disposal”. Specifically, 5% of the annual workday, that is, 80 hours a year.

They will be hours allocated “to the care of the elderly, disabled or minor children” and must be recovered by the worker.

The current paternity and maternity leave establish 16 weeks for the mother and five for the father. Of the 16 women, the first six after delivery are mandatory and the remaining 10 are voluntary and transferable.

And the five of man should be taken after childbirth.

The new text of the Executive indicates that paternity leave “would have a fixed number of weeks to enjoy uninterruptedly and immediately after birth.”

That is, for a few weeks, the mother and father will share the care of the baby at the same time.

But the Government does not say how many. From there, “the rest of weeks up to 16” can be used in two ways: “On a continuous basis, in which case maternity leave would follow that of paternity, or after the other parent completes their maternity leave.”

The non-transferable nature of the proposal is clear in this paragraph of the Government: “In any case, except for the first fixed weeks, paternity leave could be enjoyed simultaneously with maternity leave, as it would be contrary to the ultimate purpose of this measure, which is the promotion of co-responsibility “.

By 2019, the Ministry of Batet plans nine weeks, “with a fixed part and another to enjoy before or after the maternity leave of the other parent.” And with the same conditions, 13 weeks for 2020 and 16 for 2021.

Both the paternity leave and the bag of hours are daughters of the negotiation between the unions and the Government.

But, in the case of permits, a comparative grievance arose in Pedro Sánchez’s own party : the Junta de Andalucía of Susana Díaz signed an agreement in July with the unions that involves 10 weeks this year, 15 in 2019 and 20 ( for father and mother) in 2020.

Therefore, the CSIF , the largest union in the public sector, applauds the measure, but half.

“We value this progress, CSIF has always defended the equality, frozen by the crisis, a topic that we even take to the Ombudsman, but we have asked Minister Batet to take the Andalusia agreement as a basis.

It is not only the rights of fathers and mothers, but of the children to be protected as the Civil Code, it can not be that in the same country there are children who enjoy their parents 40 weeks and others only 32 “.

Speaks Miguel Borra , president of CSIF, one of the unions who sat with Susana Diaz and agreed Andalusian stride.

“The Administration, the largest company in this country, is key to transfer new rights.”

Society calls for flexible hours and more humane days that give us more time with our children, which is why we must move forward on measures such as the hourly teleworking. “

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