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TV in public hospitals, free as of February 2019

Written by on October 12, 2018

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Article Written & Published By: Diario Informacion
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The television service in public hospitals, free as of February 2019

Healthcare is also working to offer free Internet connection

The Department of Universal Health and Public Health is studying to make free the television service in all hospitals of the Region of Valencia , which currently has an approximate cost of 4 euros per day for patients and is managed by concession companies that charge the patient for this service.

This measure is part of the plan to dignify and humanize health infrastructure, “seeking the best welfare of the user of public health, and the universalization of the service, public and free”, in the words of the Minister of Universal Health and Public Health , Ana Barceló .

The councilor has advanced that the next month of February 2019 is scheduled for the end of contract 352/2007, corresponding to the installation and operation of public telephone service, internet and television in Valencian hospitals.

“With the end of the contract, the provision of the service will be carried out free of charge , so that the maintenance of the televisions will be borne by the Ministry of Health, for which all necessary measures will be prepared,” he explained.

An average of 24 euros per hospital stay
With this measure, patients would not have to pay out of pocket to enjoy television service when they are admitted.

Taking into account that the average stay is around 6 days, it means an average saving for the patient of 24 euros during their hospital stay.

It should be remembered that the rates that were being paid on average by users to the winning companies are around 60 euros per month (slightly less than four euros a day, 17 euros a week, 30 the fortnight).

“What is intended is not only to make the patient’s stay more bearable but also to recognize the global concern for their well-being and to universalize all the health and complementary services of the stay, ending with any need for co-payment by the user”, he said. detailed the consellera.

According to the calculations made, converting the service free of charge would cost the public coffers close to one million two hundred thousand euros per year , for the 20 directly managed health departments (7,400 beds), obtained from a unit cost of 300 units. euros , the costs of replacement, amortization and necessary maintenance.

Internet access
Along with this measure, the Ministry is also working on an expansion of the wireless network to also offer access to the Internet from patient devices and visitors.

Thus, the possibility of using the free internet connection service offered by the Ministry of Health is also included, with some limitations: only a maximum number of simultaneous connections of patients at each access point is contemplated.

The bandwidth of the Internet connection dedicated to navigation traffic for the citizen will be annually at a maximum of 3%, since the priority is still to provide access service to the network for professional use.

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