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Detained in Alicante with hidden loaded pistol 

Written by on November 9, 2018

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Article Written & Published By: Las Provincias
Translated from Spanish to English

Detained in Alicante with hidden loaded pistol

Image: A pistol of the same caliber as the one seized in Alicante. / LP

The two detainees carried almost 1,000 euros in cash in the glove compartment and 36 bullets.

A man has been arrested while driving in the north of the city of Alicante without driving license, car insurance or ITV in force and, also, with a pistol loaded with bullets hidden under the wheel.

According to the National Police, the driver and a companion, Spaniards of 40 and 41 years, were arrested after a couple of agents observed that their vehicle performed evasive maneuvers that put at risk the rest of the road users .

The police found a 380-caliber pistol with a serial number that had no insurance and that contained a cartridge in the chamber, which was hidden and ready to shoot, and in the glove compartment 36 more ammunition and about 1,000 euros in cash .

Next, the agents checked that the driver lacked a driver’s license and that the car was uninsured and without the ITV in force.

Both men were arrested for an alleged crime of illegal possession of weapons, and the pistol was sent to the scientific police for analysis and possible involvement in a criminal act.

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