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Marina Baixa Hospital diverts patients while keeping beds closed since July

Written by on December 5, 2018

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Article Written & Published By: Diario Informacion
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The Hospital de la Marina Baixa diverts patients to other centers while keeping beds closed since July

Health delays for the umpteenth time the reopening of the Surgical Specialties plant, scheduled for today, for a new delay in the works, which have been going on for almost six months

An eternal reform that is causing important damages for patients and also for health personnel. The Regional Hospital of the Marina Baixa, located in La Vila Joiosa, has postponed for the umpteenth time the reopening of the Surgical Specialties plant and, with it, of 34 beds that has been closed since last July, when works were to begin of reform that as of today are still not finalized.

Although the last date for partial reopening of this plant was scheduled for today, sources from the Ministry of Health confirmed yesterday the postponement of the same, to be still quite backward jobs.

In fact, after noon, not even the toilets, sinks or door frames of the rooms had been installed, which led the department to make the determination to delay the opening of the plant again, despite the disorder that this fact is generating in the Hospital.

Regional reference center
The one in La Vila Joiosa is the only public Hospital of reference in the Marina Baixa and serves a census population of more than 200,000 inhabitants, regardless of the floating population.

At present, in addition to the 34 beds of the plant where the works are being executed, there are another 34 that are also not operational due to the project to replace the false plaster ceilings, which means that the total deficit rises to 68 places .

And this means that, due to the lack of capacity to hospitalize more patients, the regional hospital has not been left to refer patients to Dénia, San Vicente or other hospitals in the province and to keep “like sardines in a can” many others in its own facilities, taking advantage of emergency spaces that are used as an observation room and where they make patients wait in stretchers until a bed is free to be able to go up to the floor, as confirmed by different sources consulted by this newspaper.

Criticisms of Workers’ Commissions
From the union Workers Commissions denounce that the situation that is living in La Vila is “a full-fledged health cut, both for patients and for the staff themselves.”

In this sense, the union delegate of CC OO, Juan Ramón Such, affirmed that “never, nor in the worst stage of cuts of the PP, the Hospital has had a whole plant closed for six months. The maximum until now had been a month, a month and a half or a maximum of two months, but what is happening with these works has no name”.

In addition to the inconvenience that this lack of beds is causing to patients and relatives, either because they have to travel to other hospitals for their hospitalization well because they have to wait for days in that way in areas enabled in the Emergency Room until they can move to the plant, from CC OO criticized the “shrinkage in hiring” that the closure of this plant is causing and, with it, the consequent loss of personnel: “No contracts are renewed or renewed because the people of that plant are redistributed by other areas of the Hospital and people are being left on the street, “Such.

Reopen before the flu
As already published in his day this newspaper, the Hospital management closed the plant in the month of July, but it was not until the month of September when the works began, in which Sanidad will invest 130,000 euros.

The initial forecast is that they last a maximum of a couple of months, but the construction company has almost four and continues with the work quite delayed. Sanitary sources blamed this delay on the lack of workers sent by the company to perform these jobs:

“The first weeks there were no more than two or four workers and now, in recent days, when they have been hurried, the staff has multiplied, but still the delay is quite considerable “, recognized from the direction of the department.

The manager Rosa Louis Cereceda advanced yesterday that the forecast is that at least 20 of the 34 beds of the plant may be operational in the coming days, “facing the bridge”, but could not venture to give a new date.

However, what he did confirm is that the intention of Sanidad is for the plant to reopen as soon as possible and for all hospital beds to be fully operational before the flu epidemic begins . “If not, this could turn into chaos,” acknowledged the health official.

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