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They ask for 90 years in prison to the accused of a multiple rape in Benidorm

Written by on December 6, 2018

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Article Written & Published By: Las Provincias
Translated from Spanish to English

They ask for 90 years in prison to the accused of a multiple rape in Benidorm

The alleged rapists state that the woman invented sexual assault in a group because they threw her shoes out the window

The prosecution has requested 30 years in prison for each of the three accused of sexually assaulting a group in October 2011 in a flat in Benidorm , during the trial held in the second section of the Hearing, in which the The defendants have pleaded not guilty and have attributed the accusation to a false accusation made by the victim, who has not appeared at the hearing, as they claim that he was angry because he had thrown some shoes out of the window .

Prosecutor’s Office considers the three defendants, of British nationality, authors and cooperators of sexual assault in competition with injuries, for which it requests 14 years in prison for the first offense (the sexual assault of each one of them) and eight for each one of them. crimes committed as cooperators ; that is, to cooperate in the other two aggressions of his friends.

In the trial, which has been seen for sentencing, the statement has been read in instruction of the complainant, also of foreign origin , following the request of the Prosecutor’s Office to include that complaint as pre-constituted evidence, to which the defense has opposed.

According to the prosecutor, the facts reported occurred in the early hours of October 30, 2011 when the woman went with one of the defendants to the latter’s home , where they had consensual sexual relations and she fell asleep.

According to her story, when the other two arrived, they forced her to have sexual relations with the three , while she was subjected to each time they insulted her and one of them threatened to kill her if she reported them. The victim repeatedly tried to get away from the accused without success.

The three defendants have only answered the questions raised by their defense, which has raised up to three issues before the president of the court to request the suspension of the hearing due to the absence of three witnesses and the absence of the complainant, a request that It has been agreed.

During his intervention, the defendants have maintained that they did not sexually assault the victim and that he only maintained consensual relationships with one of them.

The three, in addition, have indicated that due to the state of intoxication, during the early hours of October 30, 2011, the woman got upset because one of them threw her shoes out the window and that she indicated, at that moment, that she was going to call the police.

They have also insisted that they never touched and abused her, they only urged her to leave the apartment because they wanted to sleep.

After what happened, the Prosecutor’s Office maintains that they threw her into the street without shoes or a belt, and that the victim cut herself with the door frame.

However, the prosecutor has admitted during the session that it has not been possible to identify a fourth person who, according to the victim, was also part of the violation .

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