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Benidorm Police stop the sale of pornography in five shops

Written by on December 7, 2018

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Article Written & Published By: Diario Informacion
Translated from Spanish to English

Police coup to the sale of pornography in five shops in Benidorm

The local police seized about 500 items like t-shirts with obscene messages, penis-shaped candy or plastic breasts that were sold in supermarkets or Asian stores.

T-shirts with obscene messages , penis- shaped candy , lighters with pictures of naked women or plastic breasts .

These are some of the almost 500 items that have been confiscated by the Local Police of Benidorm in an action against the sale of material of erotic content and pornography in a total of five shops located between Gerona Street and the Avenue of Europe, in the one known as “zona guiri” .

The action was initiated in response to the complaints of dozens of citizens for the exhibition on the street of many of these objects, at any time and in view of the entire world, despite not being in shops specifically intended for the sale of erotic products, but with a supermarket license, Asian stores or multi-price products.

The mayor of Security, Lorenzo Martinez, explained that most of the genre that has been confiscated was aimed at the British public, the most common in the area where the action has been carried out.

In fact, among the material seized are 380 brightly colored shirts , sleeveless and with clearly pornographic texts written in English, among which messages such as “lick my pussy”, “fuck off”, “fuck loud and make noise” can be read. , “Suck my cock” or “i think he’s gay”, among others.

In the five supermarkets or shops that have been intervened, the Local Police detected that all these items were “perfectly visible to the public in their interior areas or set back to the public road and without any limitation or impediment for a minor to be able to have access” to them.

In addition, none of the establishments had administrative authorization for the sale of said products, which could result in a breach of the Royal Decree that typifies the sale of pornographic material.

Police sources indicated that now part will be passed to the Government Sub-delegation to interpose the corresponding penalty and, in this case, can range from 600 to 30,000 euros.

Reader's opinions
  1. Ian Stones   On   December 7, 2018 at 10:14 am

    Hope they purge all the shops.
    Would not bring chilx to Benidorm anyway now. The Stag anx hen parties ruined it.
    This year a late teens girl ran in front of me, laid down on the pavement legsapart skimpy knickers on while her frifnds lolked on smirking.
    They roared when my reaction was to tell her I thought I was at home going to have to pay my toll to go ghrough the MERSEY TUNNEL.
    I am 67 yrs old.Ian

    • anne watson   On   December 7, 2018 at 2:38 pm

      It’s disgusting the way some of them behaviour. I’m not surprised that the Brits have a bad reputation, and it reflects badly on us all. These T-shirts do want banning, they are in full view for children to see them. A lot of the young ones, just drink all day and night, then the next day can’t remember anything about it. What type of holiday is that… I have been coming to Spain since the mid-70s, they had some really great trips, but it seems all that has gone unless you want a trip where you get legless

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