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Five children in the ICU & 50 more admitted to hospitals in the province

Written by on January 10, 2019

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Article Written & Published in Spanish By: Diario Informacion
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Five children in the ICU for bronchiolitis and 50 more admitted to hospitals in the province

Pediatricians highlight the virulence of the virus due to the cold weather, which affects mainly infants under six months of age – The disease is suffered by children under two years of age and causes respiratory problems

Pediatrics Plant of the General Hospital of Alicante where there are 20 children admitted. Hector Fuentes

The province of Alicante has registered in recent days a significant increase in cases of bronchiolitis, which has forced to enter almost fifty children under two years in different public hospitals in the province.

The pediatricians consulted by this newspaper point out that this year’s virus is being especially virulent with younger children, below six months, which is causing more income than other years.

In fact, five of these minors have had to be hospitalized in the Intensive Care Units of the General Hospitals of Alicante (four) and General of Elche (one), as confirmed by health sources. Another infant remains isolated in a neonatal box at the Hospital de Sant Joan because it is only a few weeks old.

In the city of Alicante 30 children have had to be admitted in the last week, 20 in the General Hospital, whose Lactantes unit is one hundred percent, and 10 in the Sant Joan.

In the General Hospital of Elche there are 7 children hospitalized for bronchiolitis due to «respiratory syncytial virus» and in the Emergency Department, an average of 60 children are being treated for this problem, when in the previous weeks there were about 30.

Meanwhile, in the Hospital del Vinalopó there is a minor of six months admitted. In Elda University General Hospital there are three infants admitted and in that of Vega Baja (Orihuela) there are two cases of children with admitted bronchiolitis who will be discharged in one or two days.

In the Hospital of Torrevieja, two minors have also been hospitalized in the last days.

From the Hospital de la Marina Baixa also confirm the virulence of the virus this year, since three of the infants who had admitted have had to be intubated urgently and have been transferred to the General Hospital of Alicante .

Finally, in the area of Alcoy there are no children admitted to the hospital, and argue from the health center that this type of ailments go this year with delay in that area of the province. The highest incidence of the virus is expected in the coming weeks.

Mercedes Juste, Head of Pediatrics at the Hospital de Sant Joan, recalls that bronchiolitis is a disease caused by a virus , which causes inflammation of the final part of the bronchi and affects the entire respiratory system.

“The main symptoms are that the child has a hard time breathing and coughs . Indirectly stop eating because you get tired ».

The virus affects children under two years. “Above that age there is already talk of bronchospasm.” In infants below the age of six months is when the infection is more serious.

Experts remember that bronchiolitis does not have a specific treatment and can only treat the symptoms.

“Cough medicines are not indicated in these cases because they only mask the disease,” says Antonio Redondo, pediatrician at the Vithas Medimar International hospital.

The only effective treatment “is to give a lot of fluid and in cases where the child has a lot of difficulty breathing he can be given a bronchodilator to help him breathe better”.

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