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Defendants acquitted of a gang rape in Benidorm

Written by on January 11, 2019

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Article Written & Published in Spanish By: Diario Informacion
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All three defendants acquitted of a gang rape in Benidorm

The ruling says there is not enough evidence to support the conviction – The victim did not show up to testify at the trial

The defendants during the RAFA ARJONES trial

The Court of Alicante has acquitted the three Britons accused of a gang rape against a compatriot in Benidorm denounced in October 2011, according to the ruling to which this newspaper has had access.

The lack of evidence has been the main argument of the magistrates, since the only thing that was there was the testimony that the victim gave in his day before the player who investigated the facts. The victim did not show up to testify at the trial .

The events occurred at dawn on October 30, 2011.

The decision states that the victim went with one of the defendants to the apartment where he was staying and had consensual sex, both of them falling asleep when they ended up in different rooms. of the house.

The victim reported that later when they returned to the house the other two accused, woke up and raped her between the three .

The defendants denied this and claimed that the complaint was a revenge because they had thrown her out of the house when they caught her sleeping in the house.

The ruling indicates that there is insufficient evidence to convict , as the medical reports do not reflect the injuries that correspond to the reported aggression.

The woman presented several superficial erosions on the left forearm and a contusion on the right elbow.

The only injury was a cut in the left elbow that, according to some of the statements of the defendants was produced by having fallen in the pub in which they met.

In the house there were traces of blood, but not splashes , a fact that would confirm that the cut did not occur in the house.

The magistrates say they can not conclude that it is a false report, but there is no evidence to support the conviction.

The Prosecutor’s Office demanded penalties for the defendants that amounted to 30 years in prison, for the sexual assault committed by each one, as well as for helping the other two to consummate theirs.

The defenses, among which were the lawyer Alejandro Dartis, requested free absolution.

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