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7% more electricity consumption to face up to -8º

Written by on January 12, 2019

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7% more electricity consumption to face up to -8º

The wave of cold increases the energy demand in the province – The thermometers fell to eight below zero in Villena and Banyeres

7% more electricity consumption to face up to -8º

Alicante and Elche register two degrees. Temperatures will rise from tomorrow.

The demand for electricity has increased in the province due to the onset of the cold wave.

According to data provided by Iberdrola, on Thursday, January 10, 28,779 megawatts (MWh) were distributed in the regions of Alicante, while on Thursday, January 11, 2018, consumption was 26,976 MWh. That is, 7% more electricity consumption than the same day of the previous year.

On Wednesday of this week, a day before the cold wave broke, a consumption of 27,729 MWh was recorded in the province, while on Thursday, when the temperature plummeted, 28,779 MWh were consumed. The increase in energy demand in this case was 4%

The cold wave that has brought to Spain a continental polar air bag has been felt strongly in the province, and although the sun shines in many localities inside the thermometers do not exceed 0-1 degrees.

The early morning of Thursday to Friday was freezing and observatories of the Meteoclimatic network recorded extreme minimums. In the field of Villena and the Sierra Mariola thermometers marked eight degrees below zero. The dry cold continues for today and on Sunday will begin to temper, according to the State Meteorological Agency.

In Alicante and Elche the minimums have been two degrees. The thermal sensation in the coastal strip was cooler due to humidity but the temperatures did not fall below zero degrees.

In the Valencian Community the minimum was registered in Bocairent, where the thermometers marked the thirteen degrees below zero.

Banyeres recorded eight negative degrees and five were also outstanding under Onil, the four negatives of Alcoy or Gaianes and three also below zero of Ibi, Penàguila or Beniarrés.

The Department of Universal Health and Public Health recommends a series of measures to protect health from the drop in temperatures that lasts until Sunday.

The risk groups that can suffer a greater incidence of pathologies derived from a prolonged exposure to cold are the elderly, newborns, people without resources or in precarious situations, people with acute or chronic diseases and outdoor sports fans , details the Generalitat.

First of all, it is recommended to keep warm and avoid prolonged cold exposure, paying special attention to areas of the body such as the head, neck, hands and feet.

Health remember that it is advisable to make hot meals that provide the necessary energy, as well as drink hot drinks that help maintain body temperature. And advises limiting outside activities, especially if you belong to a risk group.

As for the recommendations for inside the house, it is advisable to carefully check the state of the electrical installation to prevent dangerous situations that may cause fire risk, as with gas stoves or wood fireplaces.

The Department of Health keeps the flu vaccination campaign active , so it recommends that people in the risk groups go to their medical center to get vaccinated and thus prevent the pathology.

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