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This simple hack will change how you cook microwave rice forever

Written by on January 12, 2019

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This simple hack will change how you cook microwave rice forever

This hack will change the way you microwave rice. Picture: Getty

Ever struggled to stop the rice going everywhere in the microwave? Look no further than this nifty hack.

We’re all guilty of taking shortcuts with our cooking and one of the biggest cheats is swapping normal rice for the microwaveable time.

Yes it saves time, but there’s something annoying about the fact that the packet always seems to fall over and spill rice everywhere.

Well it turns out a solution to the problem has been hiding under our noses this whole time.

Mum Hannah Falzon from London shared her genius trick to keep that packet standing in the microwave and keep the rice from spilling everywhere.

Posting a picture of the rice packet with some ‘magic tabs’ unfolded to keep the packet stable she revealed what we should have been doing this whole time.

She said: “So I’ve just discovered this!!”

“Anyone that uses microwave rice and gets p*ssed off that it falls down in the microwave look! Magic tabs! You’re welcome.”

Since she posted the image on 2nd January the post now has over 500 shares and nearly a thousand comments proving that Hannah has provided a vital public service for us all.

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