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Corpse found in car trunk after shooting in Petrer

Written by on February 7, 2019

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Article Written & Published in Spanish By: Diario Informacion
Translated by Google from Spanish to English

They find in Alicante a corpse in the trunk of a car fled after a shooting in Petrer two months ago

A neighbor alerted the Local Police of the presence of a vehicle in Gran Vía Sur that smelled bad and had flies

They find in Alicante a corpse in the trunk of a car fled after a shooting in Petrer two months ago JOSE NAVARRO

The National Police considers that the victim is the 35-year-old citizen of Elden who disappeared after being shot in a house where there was a cocaine laboratory.

The National Police found yesterday in Alicante the corpse of a man who had been dead for two months inside the trunk of a car parked in the Gran Vía Sur neighborhood that was being searched because of his relationship with the shooting that occurred on December 7 in a house in Petrer field.

In this house a cocaine laboratory was discovered after a brawl between six people, four of whom were arrested . The other two are a 35-year-old citizen from Elden, who, according to the testimonies collected at the time by the police, was wounded by a shot in the leg and a Colombian citizen who was driving the car where the body was found.

Researchers believe that the body found, which was in an advanced state of decomposition , is the Elden that disappeared after the brawl shot and whose family knew nothing about him since the event occurred two months ago.

The body was discovered after the Local Police of Alicante was alerted about three o’clock in the afternoon to the presence of a suspicious car that was parked in Paraguay Street , in the Gran Vía Sur neighborhood.

The warning indicated that it smelled bad and that inside there were flies. The car is a black Citroën C4 that was well parked and had tinted rear windows, so you could not appreciate the interior well.

The local policemen displaced to the place checked the warning and once in the place they immediately notified the National Police after checking the smell and the registration number of the tourism , since said car was being searched after taking flight on the highway A- 31 the day shooting in Petrer.

Agents of the Judicial Police Brigade of Alicante and of Elda, as well as members of the Scientific Police Brigade also went to Paraguay Street, although it was finally decided to carry out the inspection in police stations, so the car was moved by a municipal crane to the State Mobile Park.

In The Trunk

The National Police cordoned off the place and placed a protective screen behind the trunk of the car in order to perform their work without being recorded. Before opening the car, TEDAX specialists performed a gas check that confirmed the suspicion that there was a body inside.

The body was stuck in the trunk and it was a man of great importance . Shortly before seven thirty in the afternoon the judicial commission appeared in the place and after examining the body, it was authorized to be removed and transferred to the Legal Medicine Institute, where the autopsy will be performed today.

The car where the corpse was fled from the Local Police of Alicante on the same day of the shooting that took place at about 13 o’clock in a country house in Petrer.

A local policeman from Alicante who was driving on the A-31 stopped to help the occupants of two cars standing on the highway. The Citroën had run out of gas and they were pouring fuel with a carafe. One of the three people told the agent that they did not need help, but still the police asked for his documentation to identify it.

The man asked permission to collect his documentation of the car and what he did was get on, start and run away at high speed. The other two men tried to do the same in the other car but the local police stopped them and asked for support.

In this vehicle they found the documentation of the driver who fled and who presumably already had the body in the trunk, hence the rush to disappear from the place. It is a Colombian whose whereabouts are still a mystery.

Given the place where the car appeared, near the entrance to Alicante by the highway access to the port, everything indicates that the driver who fled the Local Police left the car parked there that same day.

A neighbor said yesterday to this newspaper that he had been seeing the car there for some time and was waiting to meet his owner because he needed some parts for his son’s car, which is the same.

Three of the four arrested for the shooting entered the prison, although one of them, defended by the lawyer Francisco Miguel Galiana Botella , was provisionally released shortly afterwards, as this newspaper reported.

The court of First Instance of Instruction number 1 of Elda instructs the proceedings and shortly after the event decided to decree the secrecy of summary.

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