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45 arrested in Benidorm and Dénia for trafficking in counterfeit products

Written by on February 8, 2019

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Article Written & Published in Spanish By: Diario Informacion
Translated by Google from Spanish to English

45 arrested in Benidorm and Dénia for trafficking in counterfeit products

200,000 effects have been intervened with a retail value of more than 4,000,000 euros

45 arrested in Benidorm and Dénia for trafficking in counterfeit products

The National Police has completed a macro operation that has been developed during the last three months in the towns of Benidorm and Dénia and in which 45 people have been arrested for selling allegedly counterfeit products of prestigious brands in different establishments and job positions. peddling.

The agents have intervened about 200,000 effects , whose retail value in official stores would exceed 4,000,000 euros .

The investigators of the National Police of Dénia and Benidorm were aware of the possible sale to the consumer of products, apparently falsified, at very reduced prices that should correspond to articles of this type in legally authorized sales establishments.

The agents gathered information about the establishments and specific street vendors where they allegedly sold effects at ” bargain ” prices , this being the main demand for consumers to decide to buy this type of products.

Once the street vendors and establishments where supposedly counterfeit effects were sold, the agents contacted the representatives of the damaged brands to verify the falsity of the same, verifying how in these establishments they offered the consumer garments of clothing, clothing sports, watches, handbags, purses, slippers, which were almost identical copy to the originals, highlighting the enormous similarity of both the finishes and the materials of manufacture.

They lacked the security measures and the mandatory labels of the firms they allegedly falsified

Experts and experts representing the different brands harmed testified to the falseness of these products for lacking any of the different security measures that the originals present, as well as the mandatory labels of the said trademarks or the symbols of registered products that must carry, for which the agents established a police device aimed at arresting the alleged perpetrators and intervening in all allegedly counterfeit products.

The police deployments carried out by agents of Benidorm and Denia were carried out in different establishments and street vendors in the towns of Benidorm, Denia and Manises.

The last of them took place on February 4 in Manises and were carried out jointly and coordinated by the investigators of the Judicial Police Brigades of Benidorm and Denia, assisted by agents of the Prevention and Reaction Unit of both Police Stations.

As a result of the inspections, the agents and experts of the brands involved verified that people who ran the different establishments and stalls selling the street markets of those localities, lacked any type of invoice or delivery note that would prove the originality and origin of the product, as well as the purchase price, unable to demonstrate in this way the legality of transaction in the purchase sale of those products.

The police deployments that made up the macro operation concluded with 45 people detained as alleged perpetrators of a crime against industrial property and nearly 200,000 intervened effects, whose sale value to the public in official stores would exceed 4,000,000 euros.

Intervened products include watches, lighters, handbags, mobile phone accessories and electronics, batteries, wallets, shoes, clothing, sportswear €.

The detainees, of Spanish, Chinese, Moroccan and Senegalese nationalities, were released after giving evidence in police stations, waiting for them to be summoned by the Judicial Authority that understands the case.

In the economic sphere, the trade of counterfeit and pirated products in Spain is a scourge. The trade in counterfeit goods in Spain represents a high percentage of European trade and is a very important economic loss for all companies.

The euipo warns of economic danger of consuming counterfeit products

The Intellectual Property Office of the European Union (EUIPO), in charge of the registration of community trademarks and community designs, warns of the economic risk of consuming counterfeit and pirated products.

In our country, the intensive sectors in Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights generate 23.2% of the jobs, which means more than four and a half million jobs, as well as 34.8% of the total economic activity ( GDP) of the country.

In the European Union, intensive sectors in Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights generate one in three jobs and 39% of total economic activity (GDP), valued at 4.7 billion euros.

These sectors represent 90% of the commercial activity of the EU with the rest of the world and the average remuneration they provide is 40% higher than the remuneration in non-intensive sectors.

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