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Rui Hotel Chain Want Benidorm

Written by on February 8, 2019

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Article Written & Published in Spanish By: Diario Informacion
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A major hotel chain wants to add a thousand beds in Benidorm

The firm Riu, which has accommodation in destinations around the world, will open a hotel in Poniente – Barceló and H10 will also land in the resort.

Image of the ground bag where the new hotel is planned. David Revenge

A thousand more places for Benidorm but controlled by a major Mallorcan hotel chain.

The giant Riu Hotels & Resorts wants to expand in the capital of the Costa Blanca and, for this, is already finalizing the procedures to raise its project in the Poniente area, as explained by sources of the company based in Palma de Mallorca, where it manages more than a hundred accommodations next to the dozens of tourist establishments that are scattered around some of the main destinations in the world such as the Caribbean, where it is key, Dubai, Maldives or Mexico. And, now, he also wants to have his place in the capital of the Costa Blanca.

Specifically, the establishment planned to build in the Poniente area within a partial plan that is now in full development, would have about 500 rooms or, put another way, space for a thousand tourists. The company Riu is finalizing the procedures to settle the operation that is very advanced.

It has not yet transcended the height or design of the building that will house the aforementioned accommodation although, from the large Mallorcan hotel chain, they already anticipate that it will be a four-star accommodation .

Keep in mind that this chain does not have any hotel in the Valencian Levante. However, it has already landed in other key destinations within the Spanish sun and beach like Torremolinos.

Growing interest

The decision of the Mallorcan chain is evidence of the growing interest that Benidorm arouses among large hotel chains .

Thus, the Barceló giant has also landed in the city of skyscrapers through the Selomar, the hotel on the seafront of Levante that has been closed for more than a decade and that in the future will be operated by the aforementioned chain, or the company H10 which is also developing a powerful accommodation in the surroundings of Elche Park, in front of Poniente beach, which will also have a four-star category.

Between the two hotels will add another half thousand seats that together with those expected to open Riu in Benidorm highlights the attraction that more and more hotel companies feel for Benidorm.

Record of overnight stays

And is not for less. Despite the various external factors, such as the uncertainty generated by the British market the “Brexit” or the rise of destination competitors such as Tunisia or Turkey, the city of skyscrapers continues to have more than 11 million overnight stays per year.

A sweet tooth for the chains, even more if one takes into account that now begins to give a generational relief of all those who “invented”, on the tourist map, to Benidorm.

Increase in the number of beds

If the big hotels maintain their commitment to Benidorm, the city will soon add about 2,000 more places than those that join after the existing expansion reforms can mean a real increase in beds in the city that has already experienced last year a rise in this sense to register an increase of about a thousand places.

At the end of 2017, the tourist city had 131 hotels, 24,005 rooms and 41,096 beds -1,009 more than two years before-, with the three and four stars at the head with 19,748 and 16,284 beds, respectively. A trend that will continue to rise, judging by the intentions of the big hotels.

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