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Arrested in Alicante for 1.5K of drugs in his suitcase

Written by on February 11, 2019

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Article Written & Published in Spanish By: Diario Informacion
Translated by Google from Spanish to English

Arrested in Alicante a man who hid a kilo and a half of drug in his suitcase

The Canine Unit of the Local Police detects in the Bus Station 24 tablets of hashish and 248 grams of marijuana

The drug seized from the detainee at the bus station. information

The Local Police of Alicante stopped last Saturday in the Bus Station a 36-year-old man who transported 1.4 kilos of hashish and marijuana hidden in his suitcase.

As reported by the Department of Public Safety, the Canine Unit of the Local Police of Alicante imprisoned this person, 36 years old and American origin, on his way through Alicante on the route between Malaga and Barcelona, for an alleged crime against public health and possession of narcotics, since it involved 1.2 kilos of hashish distributed in 24 pressed tablets and a bag with 248 grams of marijuana, ready for distribution.

The events occurred around 4.30 pm, when the two agents along with their dogs were combing the platforms of the bus station with one of the devices they perform at random to prevent traffic, consumption and possession of narcotic substances.

According to police sources, the agents inspected the trunk of the bus marking the can one of the suitcases and when going up inside and also tracing the corridor, the dog stopped in front of a young man.

Police officers pulled all passengers off the bus and moved the suitcase to a security room enabled to inspect it, locating inside a container of transparent plastic closed with silicone that hid the 24 tablets of pressed vegetable substance of hashish, wrapped in paper film, as well as a bag with 248 grams of marijuana, and a document with a traffic sanction that identified the person marked by the dog that traveled on the bus.

For such events, the local police arrested this man for an alleged crime against public health and possession of narcotics, which was informed of the reasons for his arrest and transferred to police facilities.

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