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Civil Guard investigates the death of a beheaded woman

Written by on February 11, 2019

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Article Written & Published in Spanish By: Diario Informacion
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The Civil Guard investigates the death of a 29-year-old woman beheaded in Plans

La Benemérita does not rule out any hypothesis, although the first signs point to a possible suicide

The Civil Guard investigates the case of the woman found cut on Plans

The Civil Guard investigates the death of a 29-year-old woman who appeared in the early hours of Saturday, beheaded in a house in Plans, in the comarca of El Comtat. The lifeless body of the victim was discovered inside the house by her partner, and although no hypothesis is ruled out, the first signs point to possible suicide. Sources of the Benemérita confirmed last night that no arrest has been made for now.

The victim resided since last year with her partner in this farm located in the departure of La Ceba, a rural area located 100 meters from Benimarfull but belonging to the term of Plans. According to the Armed Institute, the man reported that at 6.00 am on Saturday he was awakened by the crying of the baby of three or four months they have in common, so he went down to see him, finding the woman with her throat cut.

Although the first indications collected by the Civil Guard point to a suicide, other options are not ruled out so the investigation is still open and awaiting the results of the autopsy.

According to the Mayor of Planes, Javier Sendra, explained yesterday, “nobody in the town knows anything and has not heard anything. In fact I found out when I received the call from the Autonomous Police”. The mayor said that “the victim was a foreigner and was registered in Barcelona. However, your partner is registered in our municipality.

Sendra also pointed out that “around this house there is only another farm a little lower that I think is only inhabited during the holiday periods, so the surroundings are almost deserted.” He explained that “they had no relationship with the people of the town so they are hardly known.”

The Civil Guard has sealed the house after collecting evidence of an event that has caused a stir in the area, since both towns are small and its inhabitants are known, so the tragic death has left the inhabitants unsettled.

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