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Council Cover Benidorm Cultural Center

Written by on February 12, 2019

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Article Written & Published in Spanish By: Diario Informacion
Translated by Google from Spanish to English

The Council covers with blue tarps the part of the Cultural Center that will not be executed in the first phase of works

The fabric will cover two of the facades of the concrete skeleton, one of which faces the avenue of Europe

The canvas that covers the façade that overlooks the Europa avenue of the Cultural Center. David Revenge

The SPTCV plans to start the bulk of the work in the coming weeks.

The neighbors and tourists who walk through the Cultural Center of Benidorm in recent years have seen only a concrete skeleton surrounded by fences that has deteriorated over time.

However, since a few days ago, the image on one of the walls of the same has changed and now a canvas of blue tones covers the facade of this unfinished building in the part that gives to the avenue of Europe. These fabrics will be extended by the facades of that avenue as well as Murcia and Ibiza streets, just in the part that is outside the first phase of execution of the works that are already underway; that is, they will cover the concrete skeleton in that area until there is a project to finish the part that has now been left out and that for now has no date.

It is worth remembering that the Society of Thematic Projects of the Valencian Community (SPTCV) and the City of Benidorm reached an agreement to finish only one phase of this cultural center that has been paralyzed since 2010.

It was after the elections of 2015 when the President of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig , put the focus on this unfinished space and was marked as an objective that could have use before finishing the term.

The existing agreement was renewed and 11 million euros were put on the table to complete the first phase within 15 months: an auditorium with capacity for 540 spectators, the professional music and dance conservatories, a cafeteria and the coating of the facades and roofs.

In June 2018, the Councils plenary session definitively approved the new agreement, which was signed with Mayor Toni Pérez and Ximo Puig on July 31. October was marked as the month of beginning of the works but a problem in the new project delayed until January the first movements inside the building that seemed forgotten by the Generalitat.

And that is the part that will be executed now. The rest, according to sources consulted by this newspaper, will be subject to a new legislature and the regional government that occupies the Generalitat from May want to do so.

Meanwhile, those blue tarpaulins with the name of the Cultural Center of Benidorm will cover that unfinished part for reasons of security as well as for aesthetics since it is located in one of the busiest areas.

The placement of these canvases, for which they have invested about 150,000 euros is within the plan that the Council put on the table to resume the works. This contract is linked to the one that is also underway for cleaning, sanitation, removal of objects, garbage and elimination of insect pests. And, as already published this newspaper, when the SPTCV started with the work in January were found inside the building piles of garbage and remnants of belongings that had left the “squatters” who had been living in the interior.

Without concrete deadlines

From the dependent entity of the Council explained that the announced calendar is still underway and they hope that the public company Tragsa can start as soon as possible with the bulk of the work to complete this first phase of the Cultural Center. Although deadlines are not specified for fear of problems reoccurring, the intention is that in the coming weeks you can start with the execution work.

Meanwhile, the safety and health service in the work has also been tendered, as well as the quality control of the same. As explained by the SPTCV “we have a plan in which tasks are overlapping” both administrative and work “but” we have not stopped working since we started in January. ” Thus they argued that the construction of the Cultural Center “has been a devilish subject in which we have found almost a problem with each step we have taken” in recent months.

All in all, the ones that are most critical are the merchants and neighbors of the area. Some see with a very good eye that the works have been restarted and hope that it is indeed and finally, at least a part of this building is finished. Other traders point out that the image given by the skeleton has affected the area and, even, some businesses have closed their doors. Finishing the Cultural Center and making it work is considered by some to be an opportunity for the neighborhood that will bring “movement” to the streets and that will lead to employment; but also, it will end with an “ugly image” in one of the busiest areas. Still, everyone is cautious for now until they really see their doors open.

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