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800 new parking places at the Hospital de La Vila

Written by on February 13, 2019

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800 new places to end the collapse of parking at the Hospital de La Vila

The project is the previous step for the expected works of extension of the center and the direct link with the N-332

Health creates 800 new places to end the collapse of parking at the Hospital de La Vila

The new infrastructure will force to reorganize the traffic within the hospital premises.

After years as a spinning top spinning on the same problem but without providing any solution, the Ministry of Health has finally taken the first step to end the collapse that has dragged for almost two decades the Regional Hospital of Marina Baixa in parking stuff.

The public company Tragsa has begun the construction of 800 new squares on land adjacent to the Hospital, which the City Council of Vila Joiosa gave to the Consell in October 2017 for the expansion works of it.

The new parking will add 800 seats to the 400 that currently exist inside the hospital, which will triple the capacity of the center to increase to 1,200 the number of spaces to park, in addition to other 166 that are located on a lot Annex also enabled by the Consistory since 2010.

In total, 1,366 seats, according to the forecasts handled by the Department, will be “fully enough” to cover the current demand conditions.

Tragsa workers began work on Monday prior to the construction of the new parking, with the clearing and cleaning of the nearly 25,000 square meters that make up this new plot.

From there, the project, which initially had to have started last September, also includes the asphalting, painting of the new squares and the reorganization of traffic throughout the site, given that some modifications will be carried out to improve internal mobility, explained yesterday the department manager, Rosa Louis Cereceda.

Although for now the works are not having an important impact on the traffic inside the premises, from now on the first inconveniences could arise, since it is expected to start dismantling a sewage treatment plant that until now occupied part of the parking lot and that It has been used. At this point, access to the new zone will be created.

The budget to carry out this extension of the parking lot amounts to 474,526.17 euros and the deadline for execution is a maximum of 4 months, although the hospital management trusts that it can be advanced and that the new places are operational. face to the Easter holidays.

At least, 5 years of full use

As of that date, the new parking will be fully operational, at least, for a period of five years.

This is the time in which, foreseeably, the start and end of the expansion works of the Hospital will be delayed, which will occupy a small part of the plot that is now being refurbished.

Specifically, about 5,000 of the total 25,000 square meters, which will bring with it a small reduction in the number of car parks. “Although it will be minimal,” Cereceda explained.

Therefore, the creation of this new parking area is the first and indispensable step for the construction of the new hospital wing, as well as the direct link from the Hospital de la Marina Baixa with the National 332.

For the latter, the The central government has already provided for 166,700 euros to tender the drafting of the project, as he explained a few days ago to the mayor vilero socialist deputy Herick Campos.

At the same time, Campos himself also advanced that the Ministry of Development foresees that the global action of construction of these accesses covers an area of 3.3 kilometers and has an estimated budget of 18.14 million, for which there is still no consignment. budget by the State.

More soil and replant trees

From the direction of the sanitary department they advanced that the City council of the Vila is going to initiate the proceedings to expropriate a strip of ground that has been in private hands between the zone of the new parking and the embankment of the N-332 to give more meters to the parking and also to facilitate the construction of the link with the National.

Likewise, with the preparation of the land, more than twenty olive trees will be started and will be replanted within the premises of the Regional Hospital.

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