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65% Brit Couples Eat Same Meal Night After Night

Written by on March 6, 2019

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65% Brit Couples Eat Same Meal Night After Night

Two thirds of British couples eat the same thing night after night despite being bored of what they’re serving up because they’re too tired to experiment, research claims.

A study of 2000 men and women in relationships found many don’t have the time or energy to search for recipes, trawl through supermarkets for ingredients or spend hours prepping and rustling up exotic dinners.

Researchers also found couples are spending at least 10 minutes a day disagreeing about what to eat, with common rows including what they should eat for the meal, who should have to wash up, and whether the meal is too unhealthy.

Other arguments regularly had in kitchens up and down the country are what time to eat, who never finishes their meal and therefore wastes valuable food, and whether or not someone is a good or bad cook.

Lack of inspiration and variety when it comes to what to eat for dinner are at the heart of many dinner time disagreements.

As a consequence of couple’s regular rows, 12 per cent of unhappy couples have ended up eating separately, while a further 13 per cent have refused to cook for their other half altogether.

More than one in 10 adults have gone as far as ordering a takeaway for themselves – and not their partner – when disagreeing about what to have for dinner.

Top food arguments

1. What you’re going to have for the meal

2. What time to eat

3. The cook makes too much mess / doesn’t tidy as they go along

4. Whether someone is interfering in the cooking

5. Whether you should have a takeaway

6. Whether a meal should include an item the other person doesn’t like, such as mushrooms

7. Who should wash up

8. How spicy a meal should be

9. Who should cook

10. Who lets foods go off before using them

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