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When are Brits Happiest ? The average Briton is happiest at the ages of 70 and 16, researchers say. The Resolution Foundation analysed seven years’ worth of survey data gathered by the Office of National Statistics. Happiness and life-satisfaction levels were lowest among those in their mid-20s or aged 50. But after 51, individuals experience […]

Listen on Cool FM Now: Press the LISTEN above Why Are American Children Speaking with English Accents? American parents have been noticing that Peppa Pig is influencing and changing their childrens’ accents – giving them an ever-so British English tone. The children’s programme follows the adventures of female pig, Peppa and her family who live in a […]

Listen on Cool FM Now: Press the LISTEN above Valentine’s Day: Top Tips For The Big Day Women have revealed the dating tips they live by, from asking for an STD history to never sending nude pictures. Reddit users from around the world took to the Ask Women forum to share their advice, based on years of […]

Listen on Cool FM Now: Press the LISTEN above Top 40 Cringiest Moments In Life Accidentally ending a work call with ‘I love you’, complaining about someone when they’re right behind you and getting on the wrong train have emerged among a list of life’s most awkward moments, according to research. A poll of 2,000 adults found […]

Listen on Cool FM Now: Press the LISTEN above Nan’s Self Penned Obituary Goes Viral A grandmother’s obituary has gone viral after she jokes about getting the ‘smoking hot body’ she always wanted as she’s being cremated. Sybil Marie Hicks, from Ontario, penned her own farewell with the help of three of her five children. The mum […]

Chimpanzees Make Ladder To Break Out of Zoo Clever chimpanzees used a branch to escape at Belfast Zoo on Saturday after stormy weather weakened their enclosure. The intelligent primates turned a tree into a makeshift ladder and scaled high walls surrounding their pen in Northern Ireland. Shocked visitors described seeing one of the monkeys emerge […]

Listen on Cool FM Now: Press the LISTEN above Doctors Say Ban Phones from Bedroom & Dining Room Families should ban phones at bedtime and keep them away from the dinner table, according to the first official advice on social media and screen use from the UK’s top doctors. The guidance, published by the chief medical officers, […]

Listen on Cool FM Now: Press the LISTEN above Millennial’s Prefer Classic Hits Research has suggested that modern music really isn’t as good as the old classics. A golden age of memorable popular music lasted from the 1960s to the 1990s, academics have claimed. Scientists tested a group of millennials on their ability to recognise hit records […]

Bingo Caller quits to play Bingo all day and earns 4 times as much A former bingo caller who quit her job to live-stream herself playing video games for six hours a day now earns £3,000 a month. Amy Bayliss from Solihull, West Midlands has quadrupled her income by letting fans pay to watch her […]

Listen on Cool FM Now: Press the LISTEN above People Who Marry Young Sleep Better In Later Life People who fall in love and settle down in their 20s sleep better in middle age and suffer less stress, according to a new study. Researchers say that their findings offer a possible explanation for how marriage reduces the […]