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Celebrating Saint Patricks Day in Benidorm, TODAY

Written by on March 17, 2019

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Celebrating Saint Patricks Say in Benidorm, Today

On the 17th of March Benidorm’s streets will once again be decorated Green to celebrate Saint Patricks day, this holiday is extremely popular amongst the British and celebrated globally.

Benidorm has been celebrating Saint Patricks day for over 30 years. An initiative that was put into operation by the owner of a well-known pub in the heart of Benidorm’s British area. A magical and fun time for all nationalities to enjoy.

Benidorm in Saint Patricks

The streets of Gerona, Mallorca, Derramador and Filipinas will once again be the epicentre of this magical day where Benidorm turns to a sea of green. You will also be surprised with the unusual Saint Patricks Green Beer.

Everything is decorated in pure Irish style, shamrocks, Irish flags and the typical Big Green leprechaun hats.

All of this marks a unique Irish celebration, the anniversary of the death of the patron saint of Ireland. A celebration with live music and concerts during Saint Patricks day, in local pubs and bars inside and out.

As in recent years, talented musicians showcase their music on St Patricks for everyone to enjoy. Although the epicentre of Saint Patricks in Benidorm is primarily found in the well-known British area in Benidorm, this day is celebrated throughout the town.

But who was Saint Patrick?

Surely you are wondering about the history of saint Patrick and why this day is celebrated in his commemoration globally.

Actually, Saint Patrick was the man who fought to consolidate Christianity in Ireland. It was his extensive missionary work over the years for which he is famous, Patrick died on the 17th of March and this marked the beginning of one of the most celebrated commemoration festivals worldwide.

Although his exact origins (possibly scots) are not known, St Patrick was born in 387 AD. What is certain is that his real name was Maewyn, and although he was never canonized, his contribution to the Christian Church has undoubtedly left a mark in history.

At the Young age of 16 years, he was captured by Irish pirates, and spent several years as a slave in Ireland. He managed to escape, and it is said (without certainty) that he took refuge in France, where he could receive the necessary training to become a priest.

Saint Patrick decided to return to Ireland, where he had a double mission, he ministered to Christians already living in Ireland and he began to convert the Irish to Christianity.

After his death, small tributes began to be celebrated in his honor, which over the years have become one of the best known festivals in the world.

The great St Patricks parade was brought to the united states by Irish immigrants. In fact, the first recorded parade was not in Ireland but in New York city in 1762. New York’s cathedral is an outstanding symbol in the heart of the city.

What is the meaning of the shamrock?

The symbolic meaning of the shamrock is linked to St Patrick, when preaching about the holy trinity he would tell the listeners that the three leaves of the shamrock represented the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

The colour green is closely associated with Ireland and St Patricks day and cities all over the world celebrate by decorating them in shades of Green.

Benidorm and its fiestas

It is a fact that our small city of skyscrapers is very popular among other things, and Benidorm serves as a stage for many other types of festivities, local, traditional as others and adapting to whatever tourists and visitors seek, regardless of their nationality.

As for religious events such as in the case of the celebration of Saint Patricks, these are constant in our town. That is why some traditional festivities, such as fiesta del Carmen in July, San Fermín and the Moors and Christians, among others, have been celebrated for decades in Benidorm.

Regarding our own traditions, the representation of the finding of la virgen del Sufragio is the starting point of one of the most popular festivities and celebrated by our visitors during the month of November, and which are immediately followed by the popular British Fancy Dress Party.

Join us TODAY, 17th of March for a very special celebration of the patron saint of Ireland, come and enjoy St Patricks in Benidorm.

Happy St Patricks 2019!

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