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Holidaymaker sues airline for sitting him next to big passenger

Written by on March 13, 2019

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Holidaymaker sues airline for sitting him next to big passenger

A holidaymaker who says he was injured by being forced to sit next to a man “the size of Jonah Lomu” on a British Airways flight will today take his case to the Court of Appeal.

Stephen Prosser, 51, claims he suffered personal injury and loss of earnings after being made to sit next to the larger passenger.

The 5ft 3in man claims he was left with back problems following the 12-hour flight from Bangkok to Heathrow in January 2016.

A Wales county court judge dismissed his case against the airline in November, finding that Mr Prosser had “exaggerated” the description of the other passenger.

Pontypridd County Court District Judge Andrew Barcello said Mr Prosser may have exacerbated a degenerative spinal condition during the flight.

However he could have just asked to swap seats with another passenger, the Judge added.

At a hearing in London today, Mr Prosser’s lawyers will attempt to overturn the previous ruling.

Mr Prosser, a self-employed civil engineer, told Pontypridd County Court last year that the other passenger was 6ft 4in and weighed approximately 22 stone.

He alleged it had left him lacking energy, which had affected his relationship with his partner and forced him to give up mountain biking.

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