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Ways to Listen to COOL FM 97.4


We are currently aware that some iOS devices are not able to play Cool FM via the website due to changes with Apple® audio polices. You can listen now online or via the Tunein App –


Listening on FM radio: 
Cool FM has always been the place to hear Life’s Greatest Hits! Find the right FM frequency and make sure you catch your favourite shows everyday.

97.4 FM


Listening online: 

Cool FM online is your number one destination to catch all your favourite presenters and shows everyday, PLUS get the latest news, information and be first to hear about our amazing competitions and events!

Head to to listen LIVE! – Click the “  ” button at the top right of the home page to start listening.
Want to listen to Cool FM on your Amazon Echo or Google Home? It’s easy!

Listening to Cool FM on Amazon Echo: 

Just say ‘Alexa, open Cool FM Spain‘. 

Use the Alexa app to grant location permissions, and it’ll automatically find Cool FM Spain.

Listening to Cool FM on Google Home: 

Just say ‘Ok Google, Play Cool FM Spain.’