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largest drug sales networks dismantled in Alicante.

Written by on December 29, 2018

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Article Written & Published in Spanish By: Diario Informacion

Translated by Google from Spanish to English

Blow to one of the largest retail drug sales networks in San Vicente and Alicante

The network was run by a couple that could have spent more than twenty years engaged in drug trafficking

The operation is settled with more than 30 detainees and six black points dismantled after 12 records of Police and Civil Guard.

With 32 detainees , twelve domiciliary records and six dismantled drug outlets , the National Police and the Civil Guard have dealt one of the biggest blows to the sale of narcotic drugs in the north of Alicante and San Vicente del Raspeig.

In total, 200 grams of heroin, 200 grams of cocaine, 500 grams of hashish have been used. another 700 of marijuana, as well as 10,000 euros in cash, eight cars of high and medium range, precision scales and numerous objects coming from the reception.

They are charged with the crimes of drug trafficking, money laundering and criminal organization.

An operation in which the Security Forces have completely dismantled the organization, which was led by a marriage that settled in San Vicente from the old Ansaldo de Sant Joan Park and that could have been dedicated more than twenty years to this activity , as explained by those responsible for the operation in the joint press conference organized yesterday at the Sub-delegation of the Government of Alicante.

The couple, who enjoyed a high level of life without having developed any work activity, is already in prison .

A court in San Vicente has decreed the entry into prison of six of the detainees. In the group there were three young minors who have been placed at the disposition of the Office of the Children’s Prosecutor.

The network had a network of empty houses that were changing to carry out the sale of the drug and two security floors (where it was stored) that were bunkers to be protected against a police action. Between armored doors and security camcorders, there were permanently lit chimneys to get rid of the drug in case of registration.

A team of firemen had to intervene to disarm the six gates and iron gates that separated the entrance to the house from the room where the stash was.

The investigation began after the Civil Guard detected in the Departure of El Rodalet de San Vicente the existence of two houses where drugs were sold and in which there were permanently drug addicts “in conditions of semi – slavery ” at the service of the network, for who worked in exchange for food and drugs. These tasks ranged from surveillance work to selling substances and transporting them from one floor to another.

These drug addicts came to be used as “guinea pigs” to test the mixture with which they made the cocaine base.

This investigation found that the group operated in Colonia Santa Isabel de San Vicente, an area that falls within the competence of the North Police Station of the National Police. In this way, the two Security Forces began to jointly investigate the entire network until the operation was completed.

The operation involved eighty agents of both bodies who practiced twelve records simultaneously. The other was made the previous morning, on December 19, in the main security floor.

This investigation determined as key piece of the framework a bar of the Colonia Santa Isabel that, according to the researchers, was a cover that served to send potential buyers to the delivery point, since the houses where the drug was sold were changing to avoid be detected by the Police.

These homes were prepared for the drug addict himself to drug himself there.

The influx of drug addicts in turn caused crime in these areas to increase, as some managed to get money for their doses through robberies with violence, robberies inside homes or vehicles and thefts, facts that had caused great alarm among the neighborhood.

In this operation have intervened, the Civil Guard of San Vicente, the North Commissariat, the Citizen Security Unit of the Benemérita de Alicante and the Brigade of Judicial Police and Citizen Security of the National Police of Alicante.

The sub-delegation of the Government in Alicante, Araceli Poblador, together with the provincial commissioner Alfonso Cid and the lieutenant colonel of the Civil Guard Francisco Rodríguez, covered those responsible for the operation at the press conference.

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