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Clare Hogg / Presenter

Clare Hogg shows

Cool Radio Breakfast

with Tom Kidd

Behind The Presenter:

1) What led you to a career in radio?
After studying music at school and college I left it to pursue other careers. However music has always been special to me and the thought of making other people smile and having a chat really appeals to me.

2) What is your routine before starting your show?
Cup of tea, walk my dogs and listen to some upbeat music to get me in the mood.

3) What is the most challenging part of the job?
All the buttons… honestly it’s like a spaceship with all the buttons!!

4) Who is your favourite music artist and why do you like them?
Oh this is a tough one, I think my favourite artist of all time has to be Adele, she’s not ashamed to sing about her feelings she’s very glam, and I love her sense of humour.

5) Do you have a favourite hobby outside of radio?
I love socialising, and I really am enjoying learning Spanish that I would say is my main hobby at the minute.

6) What music do you listen to when you’re not working?
I love lots of different music so this morning I was listening to led Zeppelin, then Neil Diamond and at the minute a bit of David Guetta.

7) What advice would you give people who want to work in radio?
Don’t ever give up, you are more capable than you think, like anything in life if you want it go and get it!!

8)😎 Be honest, best decade for music?
Without a doubt the 90’s!!!

9) What’s your favourite beach on the Costa Blanca.