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Matt King / Presenter

Saturday Mornings, Matt gets you through your weekend breakfast from 9am until 12noon with local event and information, who will be tune at noon and try your hand at geography with ‘Where in the World Am I’… Whatsapp Matt on 0034 622 090 974, Facebook and Twitter for more of Life’s Greatest Hits on Cool FM 97.4

Behind The Presenter:

From the “Tennis Town” of Wimbledon S.W.19. UK Matt brings his own inimitable style and presentation to his shows. Starting as a “Wine Bar” performer, playing guitar and singing in many restaurants in and out of London and having a “Successful Mobile DJ” business “Back in The Day” Music has always been his “First Love”. He and his partner Rebecca run the highly successful Broadway Performance Academy in Alfas which puts on 2 extremely professional shows twice a year

1) What led you to a career in radio?

A freak advertisement in a paper – I’d been in Hospital Radio in the late seventies and after moving to Spain 18 years ago – I got a job here on FAB FM and then BIG FM – great stations but so enjoying being on a station as well established and run, as COOL FM – and with a Great Team of presenters – It really is a great job.

2) What is your routine before starting your show?

Up early always – feed our 7 cats and 2 dogs and any “fosters” if we have any. Then I sit and finish preparing my show with a hot cuppa and the Internet.  Dave has finished his show … Just too early for me. A quick goodbye and a short AP7 motorway ride to the studio. Dave Rowland always greats me with a handshake, we exchange notes and – On with The Morning Mix!!

3) What is the most challenging part of the job?

After my stroke last year – everything has become a challenge – so my preparation is important. On top of that – making sure our listeners have the best 2 hour experience possible. 

4) Who is your favourite music artist and why do you like them?

I really don’t have one favourite as I really like most music from most eras. Music means something different to so many people. Memories – but my heart lies in the 70’s and 80’s so – that’s my answer.

5) Do you have a favourite hobby outside of radio?

Ha Ha – Hobby – Outside Radio – Well it has to be the wonderful group at Broadway it’s a 6 day a week commitment – but the results and the amazing shows they all produce now – are simply Incredible!! I am very proud of them all. I can be found singing with my “Wedding Singing” partner in crime Silje sometimes too!! It’s great to have hobbies that are work too!

6) What music do you listen to when you’re not working?

Music is so emotive!! It can re-enforce feelings and emotions and a piece of music can bring back so many good memories. Soul – 70’s and 80’s anything to Boogie or sing along to. 

7) What advice would you give people who want to work in radio?

Radio is not just about being behind a Mic and playing music – it’s about understanding the people you work with and play music for so you can “be in touch”. It’s a  “team” based business rather than the individual one you hear on the receiving end. Being a “People Person” is a good start and certainly – even if it’s making tea, get a job on local or hospital radio – it’s a great start.

8) Be honest, best decade for music?

Ha Ha – I think I’ve answered that earlier. It’s got to be the 70’s and 80’s, although – I enjoy all genres of music and all types – if they’re well produced and put together.