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A MAJOR fireworks explosion has left many fiesta festival goers injured and a extensive damage to property in a town in Spain in the early hours of this morning (Sunday). Ojo el petardazo en Cangas de Narcea. Qué no se haya hecho nadie daño. — choskin (@chosqueras) July 21, 2018 Emergency services, Red Cross […]

Article Written & Published By: The Local English Actually: Memoirs of an English teacher in Spain For forty years, Bob Yareham (who was born in Hackney North in 1954) has taught English as a foreign language, mainly in Valencia, a challenge that involves explaining, for what seems like the millionth time, that “yes, ‘bare’ is […]

Article Published & Written By: The Local Spain’s Supreme Court has ordered Madrid to take in more refugees after ruling it had not honoured its EU commitment to accept least 16,000 asylum-seekers from Italy and Greece, it announced Wednesday. “More than six months after the deadline expired, a report by (Spain’s) Office for asylum and […]

GUARDIA CIVIL officers have used an aerial drone to help find six hikers, five of them elderly, lost in the Sierra de Orxeta. Officers were called out to the mountainous area, near La Villajoyosa, after being informed the walkers were exhausted and suffering from dehydration. The hikers, one aged 40 and the others between 70 […]

Spain’s new Socialist government is determined to remove the remains of Francisco Franco from a vast mausoleum near Madrid and turn it into a place of “reconciliation” for a country still coming to terms with the dictator’s legacy. “We don’t have a date yet, but the government will do it,” Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said late Monday during […]

THE special animal division of the Guardia Civil, Seprona, sent officers to a hunting ground in Murcia after a dog fell 30 metres down a well. Officers were alerted to the problem when a hunter contacted their emergency number and explained what had happened. Whilst chasing after an animal, the dog had crashed through the […]

British drivers in Europe could face thousands in fines for using devices in cars legal in UK THE use of technology legal in Britain to detect speed cameras could result in thousands in fines for drivers in Spain and elsewhere in Europe following crackdowns. Speed camera detection devices and technology capable of jamming radars could […]

NIGHT OF FIRE: Spain gets ready to celebrate La Noche de San Juan IT’S among the year’s most anticipated events. And as the summer solstice approaches, Spain is gearing up to celebrate La Noche de San Juan (St. John’s Eve) on Saturday. The annual midsummer party on the weekend coinciding with the shortest night of […]

Is Spain squandering money on public infrastructure projects? Report says yes New study finds signs of wasteful assignment of funds for high-speed rail, roads, airports and more Has Spain been squandering money on public works projects? A new study that looked at two decades of public investment would suggest so. Just the high-speed railway system, […]

SCAM WARNING: Mobile telephone number harassing residents in Spain RESIDENTS have been warned of a new mobile telephone scam. Phone owners are urged to beware of the fraudulent number 662 991 273, which appears to be connected to the provider Vodafone but is a con number which will call back repeatedly. Upon answering, threatening messages […]