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The Vila presents the project to recover the Roman baths of Allon

Written by on March 16, 2019

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The Vila presents the project to recover the Roman baths of Allon

The Master Plan, which has no date to run, marks how to preserve this archaeological site discovered in 2006

The Roman baths before being covered for their conservation.

How to recover Allon’s Roman baths and put them in value.

This architectural complex discovered in 2006 already has a Master Plan that will allow the rehabilitation of this site, one of the most important in the Valencian Community.

This document has been drafted by an interdisciplinary team of the City Council of Vila Joiosa and the Provincial Council of Alicante and “will mean placing the city as an international benchmark for cultural tourism, for the great importance and variety of its monuments and for its value designed for all people, since the proposal presented today will make it an example of heritage completely accessible from the physical, sensorial and cognitive point of view, “said the parties involved in the presentation of the project.

These public hot springs of Allon, found in 2006, are one of the best-preserved Roman urban civil works and largest in the province of Alicante and the Valencian Community, a monumental spa complex that gives an idea of the great boom that the Roman city had of Allon after his declaration as municipium by Emperor Vespasian about 74 d. C., whose territory encompassed the whole region of Marina Baixa

However, the project does not yet have an execution date. As explained by the mayor of the city, Andreu Verdú, “the implementation of this project, to be carried out in the next legislature, will allow our city to become a unique destination for historical-cultural tourism. in our soil it is a jewel, a great historical jewel and with a powerful economic activation value “.

The words of the mayor have occurred during the official presentation of the ‘Master Plan for the Conservation and enhancement of the Public Baths of the Roman Municipium of Vila Joiosa’ this morning in Vilamuseu.

The thermal baths are located in the urban center of the current city and the old Allon. Its construction dates back to the end of the first century or the beginning of the second century after Christ, and remained in use until the 19th century. IV, when it was occupied by houses until the abandonment of the Roman city in the s. SAW.

Its location, just 300 meters from Vilamuseu, and in the center of several cultural tourism routes in the municipality, make the axis of the old town and Calle de Colón one of the most important cultural tourism attractions on the Costa Blanca, along with the rest of monuments and sites of the time, among which stand out the funerary tower of Sant Josep -most of which are preserved in Hispania- the Sanctuary of the Malladeta and the wreck Bou Ferrer, among others.

The drafting of the Master Plan began as a result of an agreement signed between the Municipality of Vila Joiosa and the Provincial Council of Alicante in 2015.

The idea of the government team is to develop the Master Plan throughout the next term, once the drafting process and economic agreements with other public administrations have been completed.

The mayor of the city, pointed out that “our city can be part of the visitable Roman cities that are a benchmark of the Spanish Mediterranean, such as Tarragona, Sagunto or Cartagena, we can complement the whole of our offer of sun and beach tourism, gastronomy or parties with a set of unique museums and monuments “.

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